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At ActivIdentity, we like to stay up to date with what’s going on in the security industry. So, beginning today, we’ll be posting a weekly wrap-up of news articles that catch our attention during the work week. In this first installment, we’ll look at a few items addressing security breaches, data legislation and hackers. 

The cost of bad security is higher than you think

Roger A. Grimes makes an assessment of the current state of enterprise security pointing to an outdated approach of using cost-benefit models as a main player in recent security breaches. He suggests that senior management and IT security departments work together to evaluate what needs to be improved or fixed and focus on “getting back to basics.” 

Federal authorities take on Anonymous hackers

This year alone, the FBI completed more than 75 raids and arrested 16 people connected to the illegal hacking incidents carried out by Anonymous. One member claims that Anonymous as a whole is not a threat to national security but that certain individuals may be identified as being dangerous. Anonymous has been allegedly responsible for a variety of hacks this year including prominent technology companies’ websites and social media sites.

Senator to businesses: Protect data or pay

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal introduced new legislation with the intent to protect individuals' personally identifiable information from data theft and penalize firms that don't take the proper steps to secure their customers' information. Security industry analysts, however, are skeptical of the success of the proposed goals in this new federal data protection legislation.

In a similar article on InformationWeek, the CSO of a security company wrote, "The problem is not securing a copy of the data; it's securing data against copying."

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