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In this week's industry news wrap-up, we’ll take a look at the Pentagon’s defense tactics against cyberattacks, mobile security issues and outdated browser attacks. Here are the stories that caught our eyes:

Pentagon to Help Defend Cyber Networks
With the rising amount of cyberattacks, the Pentagon has created a pilot program to protect its prime suppliers – representing a key breakthrough in the Obama administration’s push to secure critical networks. The current trial program, which was launched in May, involves at least 20 defense firms and will continue to expand through mid-November.

5 Mobile Security Issues To Watch
According to a report released in March by IDC, 41% percent of workers used personal technology to access business applications in 2011, compared to 31% in 2010. Armed with that knowledge, it’s become increasingly more important for enterprises to secure their data and ensure privacy on dual devices – that is, devices that are used in both corporate and personal settings. A former Forrester Research analyst says that one piece of the answer to the consumerization of IT is to "look beyond the device used to interact with data and focus on the data itself." 

Outdated Browsers Leave Many Enterprises Vulnerable To Attack
The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) has created an initiative - "Why Your Browser Matters" - that is aimed to warn users who use outdated browsers to surf the Web; it is expected to start within the next month. The chief scientist of a software security firm says that it is impossible to write a secure browser but moving beyond patching is crucial, regardless of how companies add defenses. Ten percent of Web visitors still use IE 6, despite being an easy target for attackers; it is advised that businesses stop using IE 6 and IE 7 "because the browser is the first line of defense."

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