Aerohive Employee Pet(s) of the Month: Gamble, Jackpot & Teddy!

The Employee Pet(s) of the Month are Steve Koch’s dogGamble, Jackpot & Teddy!

Employee: Steve Koch, Technical Administrator
Pet Name: Gamble / Jackpot / Teddy
Age: 11 / 8 / 5
Breed: Boston Terrier
Favorite toy: Frisbee / Orange ball / Each Other

Tells us a little about him/her:

Gamble is a Las Vegas Show Girl, coming from the famous Puppy Patch on Sahara. She was acquired with the winnings from a great night of cards at Bellagio. She is the Alpha female in every situation and rules with an iron paw, but makes sure everybody is treated well.  

Jackpot was a rescue from a very bad situation. He had 4 homes in his first three years, but has now been in his “forever” home for 5 years. He is faster than lightning, and leads visitors to where his orange ball has gotten stuck, and demands they free it for him. It’s fun to see guests crawling on the floor looking for toys under beds, couches, and the coffee table.

Teddy Bear is the snuggle lump of the family. He’s allergic to almost everything. He grumbles when he’s not happy, and goes into a trance when you rub his tummy. He loves to piss-off Gamble. You would think he would learn. Teddy is NOT the sharpest tool in the box, and has STILL not figured out how to pick up a Frisbee while standing on it. 

Together, they guard the neighborhood from the rogue giraffe, and keep all the elephants off the lawn with the help of their good buddy Domino, who is the doorbell extender of the house


The "Employee Pet of the Month" is a friendly event run by the HiveForce committee of Aerohive employees leading the charge in community, culture and fun. 

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