Aerohive meets Wi-Fi needs for contactless payment system vendor

Snapper is New Zealand’s leading contactless payment system. Providing a secure and convenient alternative to cash payments, Snapper cards, or “Snappers,” enable consumers to make instant everyday purchases across thousands of outlets and services. To date, over 250,000 Snappers have been issued, generating over 50 million transactions across 500 retailers, 1,000 buses and 2,000 taxis in New Zealand.

Transport, in particular, is a key area for Snapper. Its secure cashless payment system has been supporting commuters across the country’s bus links since 2008. Today, the company continues to witness rising demand for its services as organizations and cardholders experience the benefit of Snapper as a secure cash replacement.

Snapper set about sourcing a wireless network solution that would be quick to install, simple to manage and easily scale to future requirements as its business operations grew. It needed the network to be efficient, reliable and highly secure due to the constant high volumes of personal, financial data travelling over the network.

Although other wireless vendors were considered, Snapper chose Aerohive’s technology based on a successful pilot at one of its depots. Snapper evaluated the technology based on key criteria including ease of configurability, security, efficiency, resiliency, cost and analysis capability — all critical factors were met during the pilot. Aerohive’s Wi-Fi architecture provides Snapper with mission critical reliability, granular security controls and the ability to start small and scale without technical or cost limitations.

Read the full case study here.

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