Survey: UK IT Professionals are big on BYOD

By Paul Hennin, Aerohive's Director of Marketing, International
Last month the UK Aerohive team headed to Infosecurity Europe. Whilst loving the time spent with partners and customers, as well as taking in the infosecsights, we also talked to a heap of IT professionals about their plans for mobility in their organisations. 
Our survey of attendees revealed some real insights into the take-up of BYOD programs (really fast!), concerns around proliferating devices (retaining control!) and what are considered the biggest barriers to enabling a truly mobile workforce.
What did we find? Well, read on! Upfront and centre, the right wireless infrastructure was found to be a critical enabler of course! A network that is resilient (77%) assures the safeguarding of corporate data (89%) and has the performance and capacity needed to cope with the influx of new devices(53%) were considered the three most important attributes. 
That’s just one finding, here’s an overview of the other things our Infosecers had to say:
BYOD is a given! 
A huge 9 out of 10 respondents had deployed, or planned to deploy, a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy in their business.
  • Two thirds of those we quizzed had already deployed (37%) or are currently in the planning stages (29%) of a BYOD strategy in their business. A further 27% plan to do so in time.
  • Of those that had not yet implemented BYOD, retaining control was the highest reason given for holding back (33%). 
User mobility means wireless first!
The survey found that evolving mobile working practices sees wireless already acting as a primary access layer for more than 40% of businesses. More than that, according to the IT professionals we spoke to, this is expected to rise to a whopping 90% in the next 5-10 years. Look out 2024!
  • 42.9% of repondents stated that wireless is already on a par with their wired access (27.6%) or acting as the primary access layer (15.3%).
  • By 2015, 60% of businesses believed wireless will be the primary, or at minimum equal, access layer. Increasing to almost 90% in 5-10 years!
  • Interestingly, 12.5% stated that wireless would never overtake wired in their business.
Barriers to Mobility
When asked what they considered to be the biggest barriers to enabling a truly mobile workforce, ensuring security of business data (27%) and retaining control of user access (18%) ranked as the highest first-choice concern for our respondents. 
  • In second, 28% cited keeping up with user demand as a significant barrier, closely followed by maintaining visibility of network resources (26%). 
  • When it came to selecting a third choice having the capacity and management in place to cope with the number of devices topped the rankings with 37%.
It’s fair to say mobility is on a charge. We know this at Aerohive, but nothing beats hearing the real-challenges and opinions of those on the front line. So we’ll be asking more questions, at more events, and sharing them here soon…


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