Understanding Risk in Real-Time: Where will your next breach come from?

Access Risk Management Blog | Courion

Kurt JohnsonWhile IT security is tasked to find access risk in their organization, much of the time they’re not sure what they’re looking for -- making this exercise continually frustrating and not terribly effective. 

According to Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report, three out of four intrusions exploit weak or stolen (but otherwise legitimate) credentials, and another 13 percent result from misuse of information from privileged users. This just validates what most organizations already know - they need better ways to detect the misuse of information systems, and fast. With data spread across multiple environments and the growing demand for accessing information via tablets and mobile, the threat of access risk is a major concern.

So what’s the answer? Harnessing the big data in trillions of access relationships, applying predictive analytics to reveal anomalous activity patterns and serving them up in graphical profiles -- giving organizations just what they need -- a real-time view into potential risk.

Check out this article on Wired.com from Courion VP of Strategy & Corporate Development, Kurt Johnson, highlighting the need for real-time access intelligence as part of a risk-driven approach to identity and access management.


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