US still safest bet among data center destinations

As cloud computing and managed services gain greater popularity amongst large scale organizations and enterprises, holistically examining in-house and third-party data center security will become a bigger issue. Rankings released by Cushman & Wakefield, Hurleypalmerflatt and Source8 show that U.S. was the least risky place to open a data center in 2012. These rankings measured physical, economic and social issues in the country but a large part is due to large cloud hosts looking to build more data centers to serve more organizations. 

U.S. was the top ranked country overall followed by the U.K., Sweden and Germany. Indonesia, India and Brazil were at the bottom of the list of 30 countries. Eight of the top 15 countries were located in Europe, with Sweden and Norway laying claim to some of the world's most desirable data center real estate.

PCWorld noted that after Hurricane Sandy knocked out data centers in the East Coast for weeks in October, the country ranked 29th out of 30 countries for natural disasters. In spite of this, strong infrastructure, smart talent and energy security were able to net the U.S. the top spot in this report. 

"This is prompting strong demand for colocation data centers, as public and private cloud-based storage and backup providers emerge as viable solutions for outsourcing although organizations continue to struggle with security and access issues," the study said. 

There are some unexpected trends starting to emerge that threaten data center investments in France and Germany, according to the report. High labor costs and energy security questions have stalked these countries and the study said there is a generation supply gap. Better policies and investments are needed to stabilize the data center market. 

Data centers in Asia were challenged by issues such as lack of connectivity, governmental laws and supply chain problems, according to the report. Regulations have made it difficult to establish data centers in China, but this could change in the future, as there is a growing presence of multinational companies operating in China. This has increased the demand for vast, scalable storage solutions. 

One key to keeping data center security up to par is avoiding common mistakes and planning shortfalls that could raise operational risk. TechRepublic said inadequately virtualized and poorly managed servers, as well as a lack of cloud resources, can affect how secure a data center is.

"This shouldn't even have to be addressed – but it does. Many people assume that because they are going with a data center, security is no longer a concern," the Jack Wallen, an IT writer, scribed on the website. "Don't let that tragic assumption come back to bite you. No matter where your servers are, always make security a priority."

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