Wanna BEE?

You’ve probably seen him all over Twitter by now. Riding rollercoasters, hopping on his Harley, doing some homework on his trusty iPad ... it’s the #AerohiveBEE!
We’ve been tweeting photos of him doing just about everything imaginable, and now you can play along too. All you have to do is join the Aerohive online community, HiveNation, and reply to the “Wanna BEE” topic.
Here's how it works:
1- Visit Aerohive’s community, HiveNation
2- Join the community.
3- Find the “Wanna BEE” thread  (plug “Wanna BEE” into our handy search tool in the upper right-hand corner)
4- Post a reply to the "Wanna Bee" topic with these words “I Wanna BEE” and also tell us in one sentence why Aerohive is awesome.
Once all of that has happened, someone from our community team will email you with a submission form so we can send you your new AerohiveBEE. (please allow 5 business days)
As with all contests, some rules apply:

1) You must use a business email address. No personal email e.g. @yahoo, @gmail, etc. will be accepted.

2) One BEE per person.

3) While supplies last.

4) You must follow the “how it works” steps above. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Operation BEE when everyone will get a chance to submit a photo of their AerohiveBEE for a chance to win some fun prizes. 

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