Time to vote on AerohiveBEE photo contest finalists

Big news! We have finally entered the home stretch of our months-long Where's the BEE photo contest. It's time to vote on the finalists so we can name the Grand Finale winner. 

Back in June, we launched our Wanna BEE campaign, seeding the worldwide AerohiveBEE-population by offering a free BEE once you join our community.

Over the months, we have sent out a LOT of bees like this guy  ==>

That period was followed by phase-two of the contest, in which we asked you take a photo of your AerohiveBEE doing something fun or interesting and post it here with a reply to enter our raffle drawing. And boy did we get some great photos.

Each week we enjoyed submissions that were as humorous as they were creative. People went all out, posing their BEEs in innovative (and very un-bee-like) situations, and providing a caption that put an even funnier spin on however the BEE had been photographed. 

We have BEEs on cruise ships, in tree houses, taking a spa, clutched in a feline death grip, being snuggled by cooperative kids, monitoring HiveManager, touring court houses, being launched from a bottle rocket, jumping out of planes, jumping out of planes while dressed in purple, singing, showering, playing computer games, handling high-tech equipment, driving go-carts, wearing a mustache in celebration of Movember ... you name it, and someone photographed it.

All of those photographs plus captions are posted right here on our Where's the BEE thread. They were all great, and each week we raffled off a Bee Copter, based on the week's postings. There are at least 16 of these Bee Copters buzzing around the world at this point.


Five months into this operation, we are ready to vote on finalists. The HiveNation community committee came together and narrowed the list to the three best photos. We are asking you to cast your vote in order to decide the winner. The most votes (+1) wins. The prize for this Grand Finale vote is an iPad mini!

Here are the finalists. Each photo is linked to the place in the community where you can vote (+1) on your choice. Happy Voting!

#1: BEE + Cicada

#2 BEE in a "BEEdo


#3) BEE with Barbies




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