Top 10 reasons for adding Aerohive switches to your network

Here are the top ten reasons why you would want Aerohive switches in your networking environment. 

1) PoE+ capability – You need PoE+ (802.3at) switch ports in order to sufficiently power next generation 802.11ac access points and other devices requiring more power.  All Aerohive switches support high-power PoE+ ports that can supply up to 25.5W of power per switch port.

2) Additional PoE ports – You’re looking to add more PoE switch ports in order to power more access points that you need to broaden your Wi-Fi coverage, more VoIP phones, or even cameras.  Aerohive switches are ideal access switches to power devices on the edge of the network. 

3) Unified wired & wireless policy – As discussed in the unified wired & wireless blog, IT administrators want to enforce user-based contextual policy enforcement across both wired and wireless users. They need the ability to define consistent permissions to the network based on identity, device type, location, and time of day regardless of connection type. This is WAY beyond “single pane of glass”; this is “one policy to rule them all!"  By adding Aerohive switches to existing Aerohive access points or routers and leveraging the same HiveOS operating system, Aerohive can enable unified, consistent policy enforcement for wired and wireless users.

4)  Infrastructure refresh – You have old, end-of-life (EOL) switches and want to upgrade to newer, enterprise-class Gigabit switches with PoE capability.

5) Managed switch ports – You have switches, but they are unmanaged and you now want the ability to have managed switch ports to view data traffic and view the devices connected to the ports. 

6) Cloud management – You need to reduce capital expenditures associated with on-premise network management equipment and want to leverage the cloud to centrally manage, easily configure, and troubleshoot switches as well as access points and routers in many distributed locations. 

7) Zero-touch provisioning – You need to add switches in distributed sites, but don’t have spare IT resources or truck rolls to send out to each and every site to install and configure switches.  Aerohive switches can be brought online by simply shipping switches to each site, plugging them in, and they will automatically retrieve their configuration from the cloud. 

8) Integrated router – You need to consolidate networking devices in branch offices due to limited space and need to lower costs at the same time.  Aerohive switches include integrated secure branch routing functionality with 3G/4G connectivity to help branch offices connect back to headquarters. 

9) Quality of Service (QoS) – You require switches with QoS capability in order to ensure connected devices like VoIP phones receive high priority for assured service to end users.  

10) Enterprise-class security – You need switches with high-end security features such as 802.1x port-based security, multi-domain authentication for voice and data, or MAC-based port authentication. 

Even if you only have one reason that meets your needs, Aerohive switches can help prepare your network for the mobile first workforce.  


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