Want an Aerohive AP? Check the Apple Store!

In this iEverything world, Wi-Fi is the primary access layer and an essential part of the user experience. Often it doesn’t matter how powerful, beautiful, or state-of-the-art the device is, if the network cannot provide reliable access to the applications that make those devices so appealing.
One of the most common problems facing device vendors these days is negative reactions to the devices themselves because of poor network access. For example, “Oh, this iPad doesn’t work at all!” What the user most often means is, “I can’t get reliable access to the app I’m using.”
It’s reactions like these that led to one of the most exciting partnership announcements in the Wi-Fi industry - our expanded relationship with Apple. We’ve been working with Apple for a while now providing enterprise-class Wi-Fi access, especially in schools where they recently announced they hold a record-shattering 94% of the tablet market share*.  
We’re super proud of the progress we’ve made optimizing access to applications and zero-configuration services for the plethora of Apple devices showing up in schools, retailers, and enterprises. 
Building on top of the success we’ve had selling along side Apple, we are extremely proud to announce that Apple has agreed to sell our Aerohive access points on their online stores, both in the US and Europe! Customers who require more enterprise-grade functionality, coordinated access, and control over users and applications than an Airport offers, can now easily purchase Aerohive APs through the Apple Store.
From Spectrum Analysis to Private Pre-Shared Key, from integrated RADIUS with Open Directory support to High Density, Aerohive APs offer the features and functionality required to support the iEverything explosion and help our customers regain control over the mobile first world. 
*Source: VentureBeat.com

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