500,000 APs shipped … and counting

What happens when a controller-less WLAN company ships a half million access points?
                                                                         WE CELEBRATE! 
This week Aerohive had a little party to celebrate the fact that we have shipped our 500,000th controller-less, enterprise-class AP and we have added 4,000 new end customers to date in 2013 across the distributed enterprise, healthcare, retail and education markets. 
Here are just a few shots capturing the moment when we celebrated as a company.
In 2006, Aerohive developed a controller-less wireless LAN architecture called Cooperative Control. This highly differentiated approach enables secure, scalable, high-performance, and mission-critical wireless networking in a manageable and cost effective way to industries such as healthcare, retail, education and in particular to highly distributed enterprises. The rise of mobile and BYOD adoption and the deployment of Wi-Fi across the enterprise have allowed Aerohive to ship its 500,000th enterprise AP since its inception. Through Sept. 30th Aerohive has added 4,000 new end customers in 2013 and grown its global customer base to approximately 11,500 end customers worldwide.
For a founders take on changing the Wireless LAN market place - read this Q&A blog with Aerohive’s Changming Liu. 
For a fun look at the potential impact of controller-less solutions for the enterprise market, please see this Infographic blog.

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