GFI Cloud™ Survey Shows Customers Are Getting More for Less

GFI Cloud SurveyThe IT network is secure, costs are down, end user service has improved and businesses are saving more IT time! Is that possible? The answer is a resounding yes. According to our latest survey, GFI Cloud customers in their majority have benefited from ALL the above.

So what changes have customers seen since implementing GFI Cloud?

First and foremost – 60 percent of respondents believe their IT network is now more secure, while 40 percent report security is ‘about the same’, indicating they had security solutions in place previously but moved to GFI Cloud for other reasons such as the convenience of working remotely across multiple sites.

As one customer advised: “Before GFI, It was difficult for our medium sized business to manage the devices of our distributed workforce. We had over 200 virus infections and GFI wiped them all out – in effect allowing us to be one step closer to compliance. We are now much more secure and requests for support have dropped tremendously.”

And GFI Cloud is cutting costs – over 50 percent of those surveyed said that using GFI Cloud had saved their companies money. In addition, 17 percent of people said that they now get far more functionality for the same cost.

“If we were to go the more traditional route of end point management without GFI cloud we would have had to spend more on our infrastructure to upgrade it. With GFI we were able to start deployment immediately,” another customer explained.

At the same time end users are getting a better service! Almost half of the respondents (49 percent) said their customers are experiencing less down time on their systems since implementing GFI Cloud.

Some of the comments that came back were:

  • “Staff are able to work with less IT interruptions.”
  • “There are fewer computer problems because of viruses or lack of updates.”
  • “Users are not having to bring their equipment in as often for servicing.”
  • “No time waiting for malware issues to be cleared up.”
  • “Users are mostly unaware of issues that occur.”

And on top of this – GFI Cloud is also saving IT time. 41 percent say GFI Cloud has freed up more IT time and 17 percent are getting more coverage with the same head count.

“I went from spending the weekends checking scan results and installing updates, to doing those things on a daily basis, for just a few minutes a day, AND seeing even more than I could before.”

Another customer said: “We are a two person IT Team and our company never had a fully functional IT department before. We were bombarded daily with issues of slowness, latency, popups, data corruption, etc. GFI has remedied all of these issues and allowed us to focus on bigger projects like infrastructure improvement and PCI/SOX compliance.”

Who did we get feedback from?

We received responses from 172*4 different businesses, over multiple geographies and operating across a huge range of market sectors.

Of those surveyed 60 percent are in IT teams with two or more people.  The views represented come from IT admins / sys admins (38 percent), IT managers / directors (34 percent) and business owners (16 percent).

In terms of how IT is being managed, 71 percent of respondents are working across multiple locations and 42 percent have more than a quarter of their workforce mobile.

“How likely are you to recommend GFI Cloud to a friend or colleague?”

This was the final question GFI Software asked to gauge the level customer sentiment and it earned GFI Cloud a high Net Promoter Score® (NPS*1) of 44.  For a product only in its second year, the results are strong, with 57 percent of those surveyed strongly recommending GFI Cloud.

In a recent study *2 the average NPS score for a software company*3 was 29, with the highest in the range of 44. This means that GFI Cloud is in great shape as it moves into another year of growth with more features to be added to existing services and more new services to be added to the GFI Cloud platform.

Check it out for yourself…

You can try GFI Cloud, completely free of charge, and find out how easily you can manage and secure your computers with antivirus, patch management, web protection, monitoring and FREE asset tracking in one unified platform.

*1 Worldwide standard for organizations to measure, understand, and improve their customer experience:

*2 November 2013 NPS study:

*3 Software Companies: Activision, Adobe, Apple, Blackboard, Google, Intuit, McAfee, Microsoft, Sony, Symantec

*4 Representing 10 percent of those surveyed.

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