Retailers keep pace with next generation Wi-Fi

Aerohive is committed to offering retailers next generation Wi-Fi solutions to succeed in the evolving retail landscape. Aerohive partnerships with retail analytics provider Euclid and mobile device management provider AirWatch offer retailers an exceptional networking solution to stay ahead of the curve.

  • The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation today as technologies, ranging from mobile point of sales (POS) solutions, interactive digital signage and Omni-channel integration, are increasingly leveraged by brick-and-mortar retailers, who must compete with the growing e-commerce space. 
  • Helping retailers to keep up with the pace of technology innovation, Aerohive has developed ongoing partnerships with leading retail analytics provider Euclid and mobile device management provider AirWatch. The seamless combination of Aerohive’s cloud-enabled networking solutions with these retail-tailored technologies helps physical retailers optimize business operations, increase efficiency and better engage shoppers.
  • Aerohive’s partnership with Euclid arms physical retailers with the ability to measure in-store behavior to improve the shopper experience and better compete with online retailers. This joint solution allows retailers to measure the activity of all shoppers carrying a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone.  All Aerohive Access Point (AP) series are enabled with Euclid sensors, allowing retailers to use HiveManager® Online integrated with the Euclid analytics dashboard to better understand consumer behavior through shopper traffic and engagement reports.  As of December 2013, the Aerohive and Euclid joint solution is now deployed in over 400 customer sites worldwide.
  • Aerohive provides integration with AirWatch, a leading enterprise mobility management company, providing retailers with solutions for mobile security, workspace, BYOD, application and content management. This integration provides retailers with control and visibility over mobile devices within their businesses — including point-of-sale (POS) hardware, tablets and smartphones.
  • Aerohive’s proprietary cloud-managed Wi-Fi technology provides in-depth application visibility and control, key for retailers with geographically distributed locations to manage the influx of mobile devices in their networks. This context-based visibility provides IT administrators with reports on exactly what is happening on their network, and allows them to granularly control exactly which applications are permitted, prioritized, or de-prioritized for access by specific users based on user identity, device type, location and time.
  • Aerohive’s enterprise-class network management system HiveManager Online also provides client management functionality, auto-provisioning clients with unique identification. This allows IT administrators to solve the challenge of distinguishing corporate-issued consumer devices from employee-owned BYOD ones, while also enabling them to enforce device security controls such as passcode restrictions and email/contact configuration.
  • Aerohive’s integrated security, monitoring and reporting capabilities facilitate the implementation of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant solutions. With integrated Wireless Intrusion Protection system (WIPs) functionality, all Aerohive Access Points can perform off-channel scanning to identify, locate and report unauthorized rogue access points and clients to Aerohive’s HiveManager Online cloud platform. By leveraging these functionalities, Aerohive enables retail IT organizations to produce a detailed PCI compliance report and reduce their transaction risk.

Here's what some of our customers are saying:

“The unique way Aerohive has designed its branch networking architecture is a superior solution – the Aerohive devices only need to check in and connect, making an ideal solution for a retailer like Burgerville with numerous branch offices.” – Dave Tallbut, PavelComm, Burgerville’s IT team

“We decided to deploy wireless handheld SAP clients to provide our employees with a movable workplace so they could order goods and take stocks directly from their handheld device. The right wireless network was critical to this.” - Andrius Šemeškevicius, IT Director, Rimi Baltic

“From Aerohive we have not only purchased a highly secure system, but also witnessed the benefits of high uptime infrastructure that’s easily managed from one place, and above all, part of our own winning formula – value for money.” - Albert Cornelisse, IT Manager, Hoogvliet

“The granularity the Aerohive solution provides goes beyond our expectations. We have so much more control of our network at the edge with Aerohive switches, easily monitoring our retail locations from headquarters.  As we plan for the future, we look forward to taking advantage of unified cloud management, as well as enterprise retail analytic features for a complete wireless solution that not only can be simple, but also is a valuable and an integral part of retail operations.” – Cory Brown, Network Engineer, Dari Mart Inc.

What our retail solution partners are saying:

“Euclid's partnership with Aerohive enables brick and mortar retailers to attract more customers and to optimize their in-store experience.  For years, online retail has been able to answer fundamental questions around what marketing promotions are most effective in driving traffic, when customers visit, if they are engaged, and how often they return. The close integration of Aerohive's scalable Wi-Fi solutions and Euclid's industry-leading customer analytics makes it simple for every offline retailer to use anonymous device data to capture these same insights across all their stores." Ken Leung, CTO, Euclid Analytics

“Retailers are equipping employees with mobile technology to improve the customer experience through mPOS and real-time access to information,” said Kevin Keith, director of business development, AirWatch. “Our partnership with Aerohive allows our retail customers to optimize business operations while ensuring corporate information is secure and personal customer privacy is protected.”

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