Shearwater Group teamed up with SecurEnvoy

Today saw the

announcement of a deal agreed with ShearWater Group plc Group plc for the acquisition of SecurEnvoy. As ShearWater Group plc is AIM listed and the acquisition is of a sufficient size, the transaction will need to be approved by their shareholders and we anticipate that this will occur in early May.

Following this, SecurEnvoy would become part of the ShearWater Group plc Group. By joining ShearWater Group plc, SecurEnvoy would benefit from being able to leverage ShearWater Group plc’s management expertise, resources and access to capital, enabling us to continue to evolve the products and services we provide, and give you increased confidence in your digital resilience.   

From today there is no change to anything that SecurEnvoy do.  Pending approval of the transaction, SecurEnvoy would simply be under new ownership.  Customers will continue to receive the same great service and products from the same team under the same brand, with the same company name.

We will share more information with you as it becomes available or on completion of the transaction.

To find out more about ShearWater Group plc Group plc visit their website at www.theShearWater Group

Q&A – popular questions answered:

Who is ShearWater Group plc Group?

ShearWater Group plc Group is an AIM-listed company focused on building a UK based group providing digital resilience solutions.

Their aim is to acquire and develop information security and cyber security companies with a leading product, solution or service capability whose full potential can be unlocked through active management and capital investment.

More information on ShearWater Group plc can be found on their website: www.theShearWater Group

Why is ShearWater Group plc Group buying SecurEnvoy?

This is a significant step for ShearWater Group plc as its first acquisition in its strategy of building a UK based group providing digital resilience solutions.  SecurEnvoy is a business that has pioneered multi factor authentication technology, has a broad customer base and an international reach.  The transaction would enable SecurEnvoy to achieve their vision to develop new capabilities and grow the business. ShearWater Group plc would provide capital investment and management expertise to support their focus on achieving their business plans while identifying and executing growth opportunities.

What changes will I see?

There are no changes. SecurEnvoy will maintain their existing relationships with customers. They will continue relationships with distributors and resellers in UK, US, Europe and Australia.

What are the timescales for the transaction?

The deal has been announced today and is subject to ShearWater Group plc Group plc shareholder approval which is being sought in early May.  Once approved the transaction will complete.


What do I need to do?

Nothing.  We are simply informing you of the proposed transaction, no action is required.

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