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Take a Closer Look into Cyberespionage Actor Group Pawn Storm

In this post we will focus on their tools and tactics versus who they target since this is what most organizations need to focus on in order to protect themselves if targeted by Pawn Storm or other actors using similar tactics. 

President Trump Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order to bolster the government’s cyber security and protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure from cyberattacks, marking his first significant action to address what he has called a top priority. 

Don’t Pin the Macron Email Hack on Russia Just Yet

On Friday, nine gigabytes of emails from Macron’s En Marche party spilled onto the web in a collection of torrent files. Within hours, the party had issued a statement blaming that leak on hackers’ intent to disrupt the democratic process. This latest breach, for now, lacks conclusive fingerprints—and what few clues there are have only added to the confusion. 

New IoT Botnet, Persirai, Targets IP Cameras

A new Internet of Things (IoT) botnet called Persirai has been discovered targeting over 1,000 Internet Protocol Camera models based on various Original Equipment Manufacturer products. This development comes on the heels of Mirai, as well as the Hajime botnet. 

New ‘Bondnet’ Botnet Mines Cryptocurrencies

A newly detected botnet, made up of thousands of compromised servers, has infected more than 15,000 machines since it became active in December 2016. “Bondnet” is currently used to mine cryptocurrencies, primarily the open-source Monero. 

Snake Cyberespionage Malware is Ready to Bite Mac Users

A sophisticated Russian cyberespionage group is readying attacks against Mac users and has recently ported its Windows backdoor program to macOS. The group, known in the security industry as Snake, Turla or Uroburos, has been active since at least 2007. 

FCC Says it Was Victim of a Cyberattack After John Oliver’s Show

The Federal Communications Commission is claiming its website was hit by a cyberattack late Sunday night. The attack came shortly after comedian John Oliver urged viewers of his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” to file comments on the site in support of the agency’s net neutrality rules. 

Hackers Are Reusing Free Online Tools as Part of Their Cyberespionage Campaigns

A new form of cyberattack has set its sights on high-profile targets across the globe, enabling its perpetrators to conduct espionage and steal data by using readily available software tools, thus removing the need to deploy advanced malware.  

Cyber Health of Small HCOs is Transforming Across the U.S.

When we talk about healthcare breaches, people usually remember the big-name incidents. Yet in reality there’s a huge number of smaller providers who are in the hackers’ sights and maybe don’t have the resources or expertise to adequately defend themselves. 

Trend Micro Is Teaming Up with HITRUST to Raise Cybersecurity Standards in Healthcare

From cash-hungry hackers to state-sponsored spies and careless insiders, there’s no shortage of cyber threats facing healthcare organizations (HCOs) today. At Trend Micro, we’ve been protecting organizations operating in the industry for years. 

Trend Micro is Accelerating AI Research to Improve Threat Protection

Once the realm of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is now very much science fact. Nowhere are the possibilities offered by AI more tantalizing than in the cybersecurity industry. That’s why Trend Micro is making significant investments in the area.

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