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Spam Campaign Delivers Cross-platform Remote Access Trojan Adwind

Cybercriminals are opportunists. As other operating systems (OS) are more widely used, they, too, would diversify their targets, tools, and techniques in order to cash in on more victims. That’s the value proposition of malware that can adapt and cross over different platforms. 

Exploit Kit Attacks Are on the Rise as Astrum Emerges

While the cybersecurity industry noticed a reduction in exploit kit attacks during 2016 and early into 2017, these are still veritable threats that organizations must take seriously. Exploit kits typically follow a four-stage attack scenario, resulting in dangerous infections. 

A Free Tool Lets You Decrypt Files Locked by Common Malware

Victims of the latest version of one of the most common forms of ransomware, Nemucod, could now be able to get their files back without giving into cybercriminals’ demands thanks to the release of a new decryption tool. 

CopyCat Malware Infects Android Devices Worldwide

A new piece of adware dubbed CopyCat has infected 14 million Android devices around the world, according to researchers. CopyCat netted its distributors approximately $1.5 million in fake ad revenues in just two months. 

NHS Systems Are Being Strengthened after Cyberattack

The government has announced action to make the NHS more resilient to cyberattacks, including some further investment and steps to make hospital chief executives more accountable for the strength of their computer systems. 

The Dark Web Teaches Us About Enterprise Security

Ever since the law enforcement takedown of the Silk Road underground marketplace in 2013, there has been increasing interest in the depth and breadth of the Deep Web. This portion of the internet has been largely shrouded from the public eye, representing an environment in which hackers thrive. 

Not All Threats Are Created Equal

In today’s world, security teams are bombarded constantly with security events and threat information from multiple sources, making it impossible to address each threat with the same amount of urgency. Where does one even start?

Look Beyond Job Boards to Fill Cybersecurity Jobs

The cybersecurity staffing shortage is reaching crisis proportions, and companies are looking beyond the traditional channels of job boards and headhunters to find and hire new talent. Here are some of the unconventional ways companies are identifying talent. 

There Are 4 Ways to Avoid the Next Petya or WannaCry Attack

Businesses and individuals have been hit by waves of ransomware in the last few months. The WannaCry attack alone affected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries.  Ransomware is malware that locks down an infected computer. 

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