Pawn Storm: politische Angriffsziele in Deutschland und Frankreich

Originalbeitrag von Ross Dyer, Trend Micro Wer dachte, alles über die Hacker der Pawn Storm-Gruppe zu wissen, muss sich eines Besseren belehren lassen. Der neue Forschungsbericht von Trend Micro bringt neue Einsichten zur bislang am längsten tätigen Cyberspionage-Gruppe. Während in den Vereinigten Staaten noch die Auswirkungen der dreisten Kampagne gegen Mitglieder der Demokratischen Partei diskutiert […]

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BankBot, the Prequel

For us at FortiGuard, it always sounds like a bad idea for people to share malware source code,
even if it is for academic or educational purposes. For example, on GitHub we can currently find more than 300 distinct repositories of ransomware, which g…

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Trend Micro and INTERPOL: Teaming Up Again to Fight Global Cybercrime

At Trend Micro we have a long history of partnering with law enforcement whenever called upon. We believe that the skills and resources of the private sector can offer allow law enforcement to surge and scale on any particular threat. Combatting the threat posed by transnational cyber criminal groups is ultimately a shared responsibility and…

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Machine learning and the fight against ransomware

Machine learning could provide valuable cybersecurity protections against ransomware.Machine learning could provide valuable cyber security protections against ransomware. 

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Video Gallery: Fortinet Systems Engineers Discuss Healthcare Security Trends at HIMSS17

A number of Fortinet employees recently joined with thousands of attendees at the 2017 HIMSS conference in Orlando, Florida. These individuals were on hand to discuss the latest healthcare innovations, and to share information about Fortinet’s products and services with HIMSS17 attendees.

We had a chance to sit down with several Fortinet Health IT and Security experts to hear what they had to say about the current healthcare security landscape and the products that Fortinet offers to combat evolving threats.

Watch the videos (below)…

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Linux is secure…right?

“There are no threats for Linux servers. Aren’t they built to be secure?” “Linux servers are so secure and hardened, why do we need security controls on those?” “I do understand there are threats out there but I am not aware of any major attacks on Linux servers” If you find yourself nodding in agreement,…

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An important shift in Microsoft’s email hygiene approach

In an interesting shift, it seems Microsoft is getting out of the on-premises email filtering business.

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The Critical Need for MSSPs

Congratulations, you built a company worth breaking into!

Seriously – there are, right now, Criminal Enterprises that are executing deliberate and methodical plans of attack in order to breach your company and strip it of its most valuable assets. Cybercrime is a multi-billion dollar business, and cybercriminals capitalize on finding new ways to exploit increasingly complex network environments like yours. To stay ahead of detection technologies, cybercriminals are continually developing new techniques and resources to bypass security and…

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A Storm’s a Coming: How businesses can defend against threat actor groups like Pawn Storm

It's critical to hire a CISO that has experience and can lead a team.Pawn Storm (aka Sednit5, Fancy Bear, APT28, Sofacy and STRONTIUM8) might sound like Instagram accounts, top-secret spy programs or recently passed legislation, but in reality they are all different names for the same successful cyber espionage group (or threat actor group). These actors often use multi-angle bombardment attacks on the same target, implementing multiple methods…

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Pawn Storm: The Power of Social Engineering

In our latest report on Pawn Storm (a.k.a. APT28, Fancy Bear, Strontium, etc.), researchers expose the scope and scale of the cyber espionage group’s attacks but more importantly their cyber tradecraft. Our researchers have observed activity going back seven years targeting government, military, media, and political organizations around the world.  In this report our researchers…

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Fake Super Mario Run App stiehlt Kreditkarteninformationen

Originalbeitrag von Jordan Pan, Mobile Threats Analyst Bereits im Dezember letzten Jahres berichtete Trend Micro über gefälschte Apps, die die Popularität des mobilen Spiels Super Mario Run nutzten, um Schadsoftware zu verteilen. Nun haben die Sicherheitsforscher noch mehr bösartige Android Apps gefunden, die denselben Trick anwenden und Kreditkarteninformationen der Nutzer stehlen. Super Mario Run ist […]

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