Hughes-Fortinet Partnership Brings Zero-Touch Simplicity to Distributed Retail Organizations

Hughes Network Systems is a leading managed network service provider for highly distributed enterprises that need to operate and deliver uniform performance across large numbers of branch locations. They have been a long-time Fortinet partner, delivering innovative managed network solutions that leverage Fortinet platforms by combining Fortinet’s security capabilities with Hughes’ broadband transport, routing, and WAN optimization technologies.

We recently sat down with Jeff Bradbury, Senior Director of Marketing at Hughes, to talk…

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Byline: Four Tips for a Cyber-Safe Summer

Summer is upon us – a time for family, fun and travel. Whether you’re going around the block or around the world, odds are you’re taking your work laptop (just in case). And of course, you’re taking your smartphone. Maybe you’ll want to check email on your phone using the hotel’s public WiFi. Maybe the kids want to play an online game on that laptop. 

If you haven’t exercised good cybersecurity hygiene, though, you could be opening yourself up to all kinds of fun-zapping connectivity catastrophe…

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Password theft highlights weak security

Hackers have been up to their tricks again it is reported today; as The Times reported on June 23rd, “Passwords belonging to British cabinet ministers, ambassadors and senior police officers have been traded online by Russian hackers.” It went on … Continue reading

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Security Research News in Brief – May 2017 Edition

Welcome back to our monthly review of some of the most interesting security research publications. This month, let’s do a bit of crypto…

Past editions:

April 2017
March 2017

P. Carru, Attack TrustZone with Rowhammer

Rowhammer is an attack on DRAM, which consists in repeatedly accessing given rows of the DRAM to cause random bit flips in adjacent rows.

Until now, the attack hadn’t been demonstrated on ARM’s TrustZone: but that’s what the author implemented. He demonstrated that, using…

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GFI Journey : The GFI and Kerio Distributor Forum 2017

What a great few days in Austria to present the GFI Journey! This year’s Distributor event welcomed established partners from both GFI Software and Kerio Technologies at the beautiful Rogner Bad Blumau.

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The Inside Scoop on the World’s Leading Bug Bounty Program

Within the security researcher community, the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) program is a well-known entity, representing the world’s largest vendor agnostic bug bounty program. Customers of the TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Threat Protection Systems (TPS) know the ZDI as the group that buys 0-days so they have protections before the affected vendor releases…

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The Role of the Healthcare CIO Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Today’s healthcare networks are intricate ecosystems of different networks comprised of a wide variety of connected devices and moving data, but they weren’t always this open. The industry as a whole has had to rapidly shift gears. Healthcare data now flows faster than ever, and it isn’t slowing down. As a result, the role of the healthcare chief information officer (CIO) has had to expand and adapt. As networks expand and connected devices permeate the healthcare landscape, the CIO will continue to play an increasingly important…

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Bringing Data Center Security to Cloud Speed

Last week, while visiting the product management team for Deep Security, I asked about their latest release. They surprised me by saying the big news is that there IS a release. Confused, I asked them to elaborate… You see, when you develop software, you’re faced with many choices, one of which is deciding whether to…

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Google’s 2017 CTF Challenge: Mindreader

This past June 17th and 18th, 2017, Google hosted their second annual Capture The Flag (CTF) competition. The Google team created security challenges and puzzles that contestants were able to earn points for solving. It’s a clever way to leverage the security community to help protect Google users, and the web as a whole. Last year, over 2,400 teams competed, and this year the number was even higher.

FortiGuard Labs decided to pull together a team and then write up a report on the experience.

So, first things first, this challenge was…

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GFI FaxMaker has a new look!

We’re excited to introduce the new and improved GFI FaxMaker which comes equipped with a new interface allowing administrators to easily monitor and manage all faxing and SMS activities.

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Tradition and Technology: Trend Micro Takes to the Water for Dragon Boat Challenge

At Trend Micro, we’re used to fighting it out against a constant barrage of cyber threats facing our customers. But we don’t just want to be number one in cybersecurity: We’re also highly competitive elsewhere. As a company proud of our East Asian links we’re keen Dragon Boat racers, and guess what? Dragon Boat season…

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